I know it’s been a little bit since I’ve posted something from out trip, in part was because trying to live and see the world through a new scope can be hard to process. Rome and Greece were great the site are breath taking. Greece had a beautiful beach that we went to with white sand and fish that came up to you. The history behind a lot of the buildings is for lack of better word amazing. Seeing how much work and dedication in what they built was humbling in a sense, we as a culture lack this concept. Greece will be a place i will definitely come back to.

The hard reality of coming home and knowing that even though I’ve been gone doesn’t mean life for others has stopped; it’s kind of a hard concept at times. I’m glad to be home but at the same time feel like there has to be something more. I’m still in detox/ process mode of what I’ve done for the last month of my life. What I’ve learned so far is what I’ve said before at the end of the day life still goes on even while you’re gone as if you never left. I love this trip and would do it again in a heart beat, I had good company. Emmalee I think without even knowing it has challenged some of my thoughts and me in living life and seeing through a different scope. I will be back at the grind of work Saturday so here’s to hoping I’ve humbled myself and appreciate what I have just a little more. Thank you for following us throughout our trip.


I think by far Venice is one of my favorite places. I love the fact that they are very welcoming and willing to help you out. I also love the hand movements. Our host told us that Italians are like Spanish with the final S. I feel like I can manage around here a lot better; until this morning when I was looking for the laundromat and tried my Spanish out to a man on a scooter and instead of asking him where the laundry mat was I ended up telling him to do my laundry and he replied with no! So after wandering around and re-thinking what I said Emmalee and I eventually found the laundry mat. With clean and fresh clothes we will embark on this glorious day. We will be going out to a gondola ride, take in some sun and take in the sights. If things go right I will find “husband” number 1,543. Hopefully I can finally seal the deal! (side note I’ve found Consuela! She lives in Venice.) I also forgot to mention the first time I used our bathroom here I was really confused why there was two toilets; to our research we discovered its a bidet. Don’t worry, we watched a video on YouTube so we know how to use it. It’s Emmalee’s turn to take one for the team so she will use it first! 


It has been interesting being here so far, it’s been kinda intimidating. I don’t remotely speak French so I’ve had to solely rely on Emmalee to do pretty much everything. I feel utterly useless and I told Emmalee I was her mute friend here. Last night I made the mistake of smiling at a stranger and he followed us, I waited until he started following us to inform Emmalee of what I did; here I thought Emmalee was going to make this mistake- who knew it would be me. The atmosphere here is one of I’m better than you, oh and the metro smells like pee so bad. 😦 so far Paris is what everyone at home told me I’d be and I can say this is not my favorite place. I’m trying to stay positive, so I’m looking forward to the Eiffel tower and the Notre Dame, also the moulin rouge. Those are but just a few things I can’t wait to see.

We embark on a new day and live life to the fullest and I’m completely amazed. I’m in some way at the moment not able to comprehend the fact that I’m still here and living life and seeing the world in a different light. To enjoy the beauty that London offers. I want to write eloquent words and express all that I’ve done yet when I start writing it doesn’t fully come out as I’d hoped.  I’m just learning to take things in and communicate things better.

Today has been full thus far we have see so much of this city already and have like I’d thing the theme of our journey is walked what seems like everywhere.The day started with mass amounts of rain with short stent of breaks.We went to Big Ben today and took many pictures, it was so pretty, I love the giant clock. Then we went to Westminster Abby,We also found a phone booth on this venture out and I went to open it and it smelled like urine so bad, it was pretty retched. We eventually found a cleaner one which we took some pictures at. We headed out to Buckingham palace, where I was looking for prince William and he was no where to be found, who knew he lived somewhere else.

Today is our last day in London, The country has treated us well, and I’d love to come back. There is a strong feeling of home here, I would love to come back and stay a while.In some ways I’m sad to move forward on our Journey but I know if I’m meant to come back life will bring me back here.

We embark on …


We have done so much in London so far, we have already seen Taming of the shrew at the globe theatre. It was a really good play and we were so close to the stage. I loved the whole play and would love to come back again and see another play. We have also been to the London eye, which at first i didn’t want to go because i have a horrible fear of heights.  I had to calm myself down a lot and I over came and went in and it was really beautiful the sight of the whole country was exceptional. I think if given the opportunity I’d do it again. Today we went to the London Tower experience, which Emmalee hated. I’m very happy she went but it was all scary and it was like a haunted house and things came at you from all angles and it ended with a chainsaw coming at you which I hated you could smell it and you had to find your way out, I loved it being scared and knowing its coming and it still frightens you is the best.I lost husband number 2 by having my fly down so here’s to number 3.

Ending Dublin/ Encountering Scotland

Well Dublin was great we finished it with a bang; As in Irish tradition you buy a drink and ask someone to come drink with you, Emmalee gave me a cider and told me to invite this gentleman over named Peter . So I did and we had a great conversation over cider beer.The  Evening went well however due to the fact that I don’t speak multiple languages i’m now one husband down and have a couple more countries to go. We ended our journey with an amazing journey to catch our ferry to Scotland. When we arrived at the bus station, Emmalee asked for direction and the man outside told us to take a taxi to the ferry. Emmalee had a great idea to save money that we should walk with our packs to the ferry(looking at the map it didn’t look too far).  We headed out on our venture where at one point we realized that it was a lot further than what we thought, but we already made that commitment, so Emmalee made jokes about us hitchhiking and we were on a desolate road. We finally made it to a restaurant where I went in to ask how much further we were from being to the ferries and by the time I came out i found out that Emmalee had bumped into the owner who gave us a lift to the ferry which was a good mile away from his restaurant. We found out that that before we got that ride we had walked 4 miles with our packs on. We finally arrived to our ferry which was glorious, it was i think 10 floors and we even got to watch captain america! I was  happy it was a beautiful arrival to Scotland.

Arriving  in Glasgow was dreadful, rained most the day and we had a long day of travel. We were so happy that we ended up switching our arrangements and the second night we stayed in Edinburgh which was amazing. Beautiful and even though it rained it was so nice. Emmalee figured out the grid and got us around fast, we  went and saw the castle and had a glorious dinner. we hung out took in the sights and rode on a doubledecker bus. We had went to the royal mile and had proper tea at this glorious tea shop. I felt like i have no manners and I’m definitely bringing some of what I’ve learned thus far back home. I’m so excited for whats next to come on our trip. I’m open to anything and everything.


It’s so hard at the moment to put into words what I’m feeling right now. I’m very happy and yet feel so tired. Emmalee and I have walked literally the whole day and we have seen so much. We started the day off right though with the Jameson distillery and we ended it at a pub. We saw Guinness where i was able to graduate on pouring beer.(I have my diploma,lol) and at the end got a pint! we went to the zoo, Dublin Medieval castle, and the wax museum; which is so creep. Emmalee and I got scared when a statue moved in the horror part of the tour and Emmalee wanted none of that.It was so much fun, at the end of the day we finished it up with a pint of cider at one of the pubs Emmalee really wanted to go to.Tomorrow isn’t was full of a day but we still have some more to see and a lot to do, I’m excited to see what it will bring.

The atmosphere here is great people live so close together and for the most part its cleaner that back home. Even the “dirty” part isn’t bad at all. Its pretty peaceful even at night, it stays light out longer here than home as well. It throws me off a little bit. crossing the street has been fun; at first a challenge but when i realized that people here drive on the left side instead of the right I think I got it down. Tomorrow will be our last day here in this beautiful city and then we head on to our next stop on this amazing opportunity that life has given us, to see and experience things through a new light/life. Something that we don’t in my opinion normally do when we are at home.